June 24, 2018

Director of Expansion & Chapter Development

Jason brings several years of experience to this position. He was instrumental in founding the Alpha Tau Chapter of TEΦ at Rowan University while still an undergraduate in the Spring of 2013. Jason was elected to serve on the TEΦ Grand Council in October 2013 as an undergraduate member-at-large. In this capacity, he was instrumental in spearheading expansion opportunities. He had direct involvement with establishing interest groups at Rutgers New-Brunswick, and Arizona State University. Both those groups have since successfully transitioned to colony status. Jason looks forward to continuing his work with these groups and helping see all the colonies achieve chapter status.

Jason earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Rowan University with honors in December, 2013. He presently resides in Tenafly, NJ with his dog Stevie.

Jason will report to Tim Smith, International Consul of Tau Epsilon Phi.

Jason can be reached at jberler@tep.org. For more information on Jason, please go to www.tep.org/jberler.


Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity was founded on October 10, 1910 at Columbia University. To date there have been over 45,000 men initiated into the organization. Tau Epsilon Phi stands on the principles of Friendship, Chivalry and Service. TEΦ is open to all men who conform to those ideals regardless of their race, creed, color, sexual orientation or national origin.

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