March 18, 2019

Jason M. Berler, Director of Expansion & Chapter Development

Jason Berler graduated Tenafly High School in 2009. He proceeded to study at Rowan University, where he received his B.A. in Psychology with honors (Fall ’13). As an Undergraduate, he excelled academically, becoming member(s) of both the Golden Key Club & Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society. Jason also served as a Founding E-board Member to Chabad on Campus.

Jason joined Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity in the Fall of 2013 after successfully founding the newest chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi on the Rowan University campus. Thanks to the help and guidance of current and former Grand Council Members, he took a strong interest in serving the National Fraternity and Brotherhood therein; He was elected to the Grand Council (Board of Directors) and proudly served as an Undergraduate Member-at-Large from 2013 to 2016. It was during that time where he was given opportunities to work on additional expansions— Arizona State (Beta Tau) and Rutgers New Brunswick (Alpha Phi). As an Undergraduate Member-at-Large, Jason was honored to attend the NIC/AFA Meeting as the youngest delegate in our history. Jason also worked as a recruiter at five consecutive International Jewish High School Conventions (BBYO, USY, NFFTY), promoting the Tau Epsilon Phi brand to over 5,000 high school students world-wide. As an Undergraduate Member-at-Large, Jason conducted local chapter visits, hosted alumni meet-and-greets, co-hosted Chancellor conference calls, attended regional Conclaves, and presented at the TEP National Leadership Retreat (Rush & Recruitment).

Jason was accepted to the competitive Masters of Social Work program at Rutgers, New Brunswick in the Fall of 2015; Jason is set to graduate with his Masters of Social Work in 2020. He also has a passion for entrepreneurship and unique start-ups, opening a small local business in 2014.

In his free time, Jason Berler enjoys working with the Brothers of the Alpha Phi Colony at Rutgers New Brunswick, serving as their Colony Advisor (’14-current). He also serves as the Alpha Tau (Rowan University) Alumni Chancellor (’15-current). Jason is honored and privileged to have accepted this new role within Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity, Inc. serving as the Director of Expansion & Chapter Development.

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