February 21, 2019

Membership Package

Tau Epsilon Phi is offering a specially-priced Membership Package for initiated members of TEP who did not receive their formal membership package (Brother’s pin, Membership Certificate/”Shingle”, and Wallet Card.) This is limited to brothers who were initiated during the disenfranchised period in local groups who upheld the traditions of TEP in anticipation of reaffiliation, or for brothers who simply want to replace their membership materials. ( If you were an active member who paid for but did not receive these items, we are currently reviewing records and will provide what is due once our assessment is complete.)

Please provide the following using the form below:

  1. Name you want on shingle/wallet card (no nicknames or pledge-class names)
  2. Chapter
  3. Initiation Date
  4. Current contact information (address, email, phone). We will mail your materials to this address.
  • (Mobile or other phone number, if you have one.)
  • Price: $100.00
  • $0.00

The package will be offered for $100 through Dec 31, 2011 and any orders made by that time will be honored. After that we will offer items a-la carte on our website.

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